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change management services

ChangingSystems offers a wide range of personal and organizational services.

Training and support services you can trust

ChangingSystems draws from over 30 years of change management experience providing support services and research in the areas of personal/professional/leadership development and organizational change. ChangingSystems manages psycho-social aspects of change in addition to more structural aspects of change management: e.g., strategy planning/assessment, logistics/operations, training, policy development, etc.

Training and services include interdisciplinary and collaborative projects in public and private (profit and non-profits) sectors in education, health and healthcare systems, engineering, economic development, community development, housing, agriculture, government, small business, counseling, minority communities, LGBTQ+ aging, military and law enforcement.

Life Coaching &

Leadership Development

Fellowship, Adventure,
Arts & Education

Organizational and Social Advancement

Integrating personal, executive and organizational change... 

we make change more personal, clearer and productive

Client-Centered Services

  • Leadership & organizational development services for business, non-profits, and governmental agencies  

  • Internal and inter-organizational executive leadership development and employee training programs

  • Educational programming, policy and research supporting (i.e., K-12 and institutions of higher learning)

  • Community enhancement through community education and development.


Grow Your Own Way

ChangingSystems can help you develop strategic direction with unique and innovative solutions tailored for you.


Experienced & Respected

Daniel M. Miller Ph. D.

BS Industrial Organizational Psychology University of Nebraska -Omaha. 

MS and PhD Cornell University School of Graduate Studies: Education Administration, Organizational Behavior, and Public Policy.

Dan has a wealth of experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with individuals, communities, employees, executives across a broad array industries.


Contact via WhatsApp at +01 760-533-6455

US +01 760 533 6455

ES +34 663 758 228

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